Hiya, Sweet Stuff! I’m Carlie, and I am just tickled that you have come to learn a bit more about me! 

So, for starters…I have always loved to eat. I even remember my favorite foods as a kid: Kool-Aide, and macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. My mom ONLY bought wheat bread (gag) and I had my fair share of turkey burgers (double gag). I learned to love salad and vegetables, but there was no shortage of non-fat, sugar-filled food in our 1980’s household. And as a teenager, I used my lunch money to buy the finest fried and carbonated offerings my high school had to offer.


…I started growing a beard! (A lady beard to be exact.) It was a patch at first, and 10 years later I had the pleasure of regularly ripping (not so) tiny hairs out of some of the most sensitive parts of my body because I was a hairy beast. Sure, I could live with it, or laser it, but I wanted to know WHY I won the bearded lady jackpot.

Doctors were no help to me: they gave me hormones and pills, which worked, but those “remedies” never addressed the dysfunction, just the symptoms.

Additionally, somewhere in there I realized I was not only consumed by hair, but also by sugar! All I wanted was to eat sweets whenever I had the chance.


I would obsess for hours at work about what I could eat on my next break. “The chocolate chip cookie? The raspberry fudge cake? Hm, well I don’t have time this break to eat the cake, so I’ll have the cookie on my first break, THEN the cake for lunch! But what will I eat on my last break…?”

For years I tried various ways of eating to break that cycle. I tried everything from low-fat, to low-carb, to vegan, to real food, to carb cycling, and dealt with all kinds of side effects from gas, to chronic heartburn, to my hair coming out in clumps. Only after years of trying to free myself from the evil of sugar did I realize that sugar was the root of my PCOS as well! I had become my own investigator and advocate and no longer needed a doctor to figure out why I had a lady beard; I was able to learn what I needed by learning about food and listening to my body.

I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner trained in individualized holistic nutrition and a 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach to help you totake your health into your own hands by managing cravings and learning the difference between what your brain wants and what your body needs.

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When I am not reveling in my love of food and nutrition, I am definitely engaging in one of my many other passions:

  •  My husband is vegan and I do all the cooking for both of us. It is not easy, and sometimes not fun, but it is a labor of love.
  •   I love retro and vintage, well, anything (!), and have a penchant for Mid-century style dresses and Dixieland jazz.
  •  I have worn winged eyeliner for over 10 years, and my liner is on point. Like, a really really sharp point. My eyeliner could kill a man.
  •  I have three cats I call “The Spice Girls”: Ginger, Pepper, and Pumpkin Spice (who is a black Maine Coon with eyes so yellow they are almost orange!)
  •  I started collecting comic books when I was 35. I had never had too much of an interest, but modern comics have helped to enrich me in so many ways. My favorites are focused on African American history and experiences, LGBTQ, and sex-positive comics.


In working with me, you will finally understand why that sugar-filled unicorn frappuccino left you starving and how that hangry stupor is pushing you into a hormonal freak-out.

You will no longer stare blankly at a menu trying to decide between the fruit plate or the red velvet cheesecake. You will learn to understand, and question, your cravings so you can eat to feel satisfied, physically and mentally.


Through small groups and individual consultations, my clients can choose the benefit of connecting with others who are experiencing the same struggles they have with sugar cravings and their relationships with food, or have the privacy to dig deep on working to manage their whacked out hormones.

No more wondering how to balance your life and your health. You will have the tools you need to listen to your body, make food selections appropriate for your health, and be at peace with your choices.