Hi! I'm Carlie!

And I. LOVE. FOOD. In my business, I teach women how to eat for their individual lifestyles and biology, so you can have the tools to eat healthfully (and happily!) at any stage in life. In my life, I eat doughnuts, brussel sprouts, and sugar-free gummy candy. ‘Cause BALANCE.

I have a Bachelor’s degree, am trained as Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the NTA,  and am a certified 21-Day Sugar Detox coach!

I love cooking for my vegan husband (I’m not vegan 👀), hanging out with my three kids (they are cats 😸), and growing out my armpit hair (’cause fuck the patriarchy ✊🏼).

What if I told you there was no "right" way to eat...? 👀

If there was a “right” way to eat, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You wouldn’t STILL be looking for that nutritional silver bullet that everyone keeps raving about. Weight loss, drinking a gallon of water a day, and covering your life in coconut oil didn’t bring you the health and balance you thought it would, so maybe it’s time to go about things differently…

Everyone is different and has different needs that will change from day to day, and season to season. Your high school weight has left the building, so let’s just get on with our lives, okay? 

A smaller body ≠ a healthy body. I’m not here to help you lose the last 10…20…30 pounds, ’cause I’m not the boss of your body…and neither are you!

YOUR 👏🏽 BODY 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 THE 👏🏽 BOSS. 🤯 

I am here to help you learn the language of your body so you can make food choices based on knowing/understanding/trusting your body, that serve you instead of frustrate you. So you always have the answer instead of trusting/learning/questioning the newest superfood fad or biohack or way of eating. 

I am here to guide you to a way of eating that is YOURS. 

Our Core Values

I don’t just want you to be physically healthy, but happy too! Together we can do A LOT 


"I've learned so much about health and what foods
work for my body...Most of all how I can eat
well and still enjoy food without feeling deprived.
(Carlie is) Wise, funny, and compassionate."